THE police stopped me this morning on the way in to the office. An officer took my car documents and driver’s licence, then went and checked them on some sort of list his partner was holding. Walked around the car, took his easy time, but finally returned my documents and waved me off. First time in a long time to happen.

• Got my editorial up today on FMag. It’s a pourypot. Er, potpourri. Hodgepodge. There. I mean, here.

• Late on getting out my January GoSpeak report. Soon.

• There’s not a single major updated Portuguese Bible version not clamped down by copyright restrictions. These guys are giving it a shot, with BíbliaLivre, but it’s still a work in progress, retains the old thee/thou type language, and relies on the Textus Receptus, an inferior textual base. I’m wanting a New Testament text to publish with some notes, but the right version just ain’t out there.

• Going to take a bit of a break this week. If you don’t hear me for a couple of days, don’t worry.

• Ministry partner Barbara Ann is at the FHU Lectureship this week with a booth at the display area. Look for the Forthright Press table and tell her hi. And buy a book while you’re at it.

• The sweltering heat of the last few days made our meeting place yesterday in Taubate, in a covered area in a daycare center, a veritable sauna. I was soaked after preaching.

• Some in the church have adopted the evangelical habit of calling the singing “praise,” as if praise were only in a song. It indicates a super-emphasis on music. So yesterday in Taubate I preached on the subject, “Not all praise is singing; not all singing is praise.”

• The fried okra from tonight’s table came from our good brother Liu’s garden, fresh, homegrown, no chemicals. Tasty. He gave us veggies, again, yesterday. And D. Carmita brought me pé de moleque, something like a soft peanut brittle. Good stuff.

What do you think?