‘Nobody’ cops out

This is a Significant Thought, to claim to be a nobody to get out of doing God’s will.

There’s a downside to insisting that we are “nobody” if it is to avoid doing what God commands (Ex. 4:1-17). Our motives make us into somebody who resists the loving purposes of God. –Mart De Haan

Seems that many deprecate themselves to avoid obedience to God. The “Aw, shucks,” reaction may be a front for fear, but it skips out on answering the call. False humility says, “Who, me?”, but it may well be hidden pride unwilling to grab the towel and basin of water. Regardless of what prompts blurting out the belittling lines, the result is to dig in the heels against doing the will of God. And that is fatal.

J. Randal Matheny

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