If Genesis 1 is poetry and therefore not historical, where does one stop with the judgments about what is and isn’t true history? Then Adam and Eve were not historical people. So that means Cain and Able must not have been real either? And Lamech? Or Noah?

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day—on that day all the springs of the deep sea erupted, and the windows in the skies opened.
Genesis 7.11 CEB

When the flood begins, the writer of Genesis tells Noah’s age down to the day. Was he trying to pull the wool over the eyes of readers? Was he trying to be a good fiction writer, with lots of made-up details? Or was he registering Truth for all ages?

When man begins to sit in judgment on Scripture, there’s no end to his clipping and ripping. Even the words of Jesus get voted on whether or not they’re historical. The real skeptics even doubt the existence of the Lord himself.

If the facts of creation and primeval history aren’t true, then the great principles behind them aren’t either, of man in God’s image, of marriage, of obedience and disobedience, of the fall of man and the plan of redemption hinted at in Genesis 3.15.

Theories of man come and go. The truth of God remains forever.

What a story, O Lord, true in all its detail, rich in its development as you brought us your Son to rescue us from our sad and rebellious history! Blessed be your name today and forever.

Hold this thought: Of Adam’s fall and Noah’s age, / We know from reading Moses’ page.

6 thoughts on “Noah’s age down to the day

  1. Spot on, Randal.

    I call that mentality “penknife religion” after Jeremiah 36:23 (KJV).

    “Strange” how those who have that mentality seem to apply it to the NT as well when it comes to judgment and other “negative” things in Paul’s writings…and Jesus’ too when they don’t like what he has to say. I guess they know how to get the “secret decoder glasses” that shows the difference between the “inspired” parts and the “inspiration” parts.

    I like the way the “thought” is arranged. Have a great day brother.

    • Thanks, Eugene. I need some of those glasses, if you come across a pair, let me know. 😉 The temptation is to sit in judgment on the Word, rather than let it judge, correct, and transform us. So it seems.

  2. How the Word grows dearer as we grow closer to it and its Author. How the world’s wisdom fades in its light. Your ever-deepening appreciation of this is evident, and encouraging.

    • Amen to that, the Word growing dearer. Last night in an evangelistic study I made the point that the Word is the way to know God. Not just a manual or underarm deodorant. Have a great one!

  3. Bullseye! And what really irks me is “old earth creationists” who otherwise seem to be serious about the Bible. Um, if the Beginning of the Bible is not true history and literal, even though it is written as it IS literal and history, then why bother with the rest? Why join hands with the sceptics, agnostics, and evolutionists and compromise God’s truth and make it conform to the world??? There is so MUCH evidence that verifies that the historical accounts and datings of the Bible ARE true! It seems those that compromise their beliefs to make them compatible with agnostic “science” and evolutionary theory are more afraid of what people think than what God thinks of them… From what I’m reading in the Bible, God’s view of compromisers is not good at all.

    • Paul, thanks for the comment. Why bother, indeed, for Jesus himself took Scripture at face value. He’s did not have a simplistic view of Scripture, not did he merely accommodate his teaching to his audience when he spoke of the First Couple, Moses, Noah, and others, because he based the teaching of truth on their existence and on those facts of history.

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