‘I don’t like surprises.’ Jesus tells us ahead of time

I don’t like surprises. Don’t involve me in some planned activity without first checking with me. I want to know what’s going to happen, well before the time. Tell me beforehand.

Not because the disciples had my personality type, but because they were his friends, Jesus told them what was going to happen.

I came from the Father and entered into the world, but in turn, I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.
John 16.28 NET

He who loves, shares. Jesus wanted the faith of his followers to grow. He acts and speaks always looking to cultivate hope and conviction among his people.

He continues to do this. He spoke to us further that, on the last day, he will return to bring salvation to those who wait for him. He has described for us the glories of heaven. He has alerted us about the sufferings to come as his people. He has spelled out what it will be like after death and before God’s judgment throne.

Jesus did not give us a detailed map of the future in order to satisfy our curiosity, explain the course of our nation’s history, or give us tips to make money in the stock market, but our Lord informs us, by way of holy Scripture, about God’s plan, in order that we might be motivated to prepare for the end and to participate in his redemptive mission now.

Among us, let us do the same as Jesus — speaking and acting to spiritually edify the family of faith and to convince those outside of Christ to obey the Lord while there is still time.

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J. Randal Matheny

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