weak in faithI have Christian friends who believe it’s wrong to celebrate Christmas in any form or fashion. No tree, no gifts, no Santa Claus, nothing. Not even a card. I think they’re wrong. We have a tree, we exchange gifts, we enjoy the food of the holiday. Though we don’t consider it a religious day (Christ was never in Christmas), we enjoy it as family time and time to give thanks for God’s good gifts. But I don’t berate my friends who think differently.

Now receive the one who is weak in the faith, and do not have disputes over differing opinions.
Romans 14.1 NET

In the area of opinion, there should be no disputes. Weak in faith means unable to differentiate between matters of faith and opinion. Paul here deals with acts not wrong in themselves, but which a saint considers to be wrong. He has some opinion items in the wrong column of essentials.

If someone moves essentials to the opinion column, there must be a parting of the ways. But when somebody hasn’t figured out that an opinion question isn’t an essential, there must be patience and tolerance.

Lord, when a faithful brother has some strange ideas that don’t compromise the truth, let me bite my tongue.

Hold this thought: With different minds, let fellowship be full, / One flock are we, one shepherd, one voice, one wool.

What do you think?