* As I geared up this morning, I was thinking that Ron Thomas would soon be posting his practical outlines for our daily Bible reading. But wait! It’s Saturday, no outline today. Rats!

* Has been a week since Daughter went to Christian camp. Will be another week before she comes back. Do miss her. She finishes up her first monitoring this week for ages 11-13, becomes a camper the next, in the age bracket for 14-17 year-olds.

* Workers have been inside the house since Thursday, moving a built-in closet from one bedroom to another and painting, among other odd jobs. And I’ve been working at home, one, because of no Internet at the office; two, to be here with the wife while there are guys in the house. I’ve enjoyed being at home, but am about ready to make the transition back to my study. Sitting on the living room couch to work gets old.

* I’ve dropped a pound the last few days working at home. No padaria and restaurant food to get me off a healthy diet.

* Our midweek group for prayer and Bible reading continues about the same. Dona Ritinha is back from her travels, but Anibal starts teaching again in Lorena and will be gone during the week. We need to work on more invitations to get more people here to our house for that.

* I think I mentioned having started a Facebook group for UPLift. Also one for the SJC church, in English, as a means of sharing news about the work going on in the region. Groups already exist for Forthright Press and Magazine, the former which has served for BrotherhoodNews.com, but I’m wondering if I should start a separate one for that. The new groups have taken off fairly well, better than expected.

* Daniel Haynes works with the Mid-Valley church near Salt Lake City, Ut. He sends out a daily meditation, a Scripture selection, actually, to meditate on. Today’s passage was Exodus 14:10-14. Impressive how the people said to Moses, “we told you so.” The first time a husband gets smacked for such a line, he learns it’s not smart to say. In Israel’s case, too, especially when it wasn’t true. So after berating them for lack of faith, Moses says, “The Lord will fight for you; you must be quiet.” If you want the Lord to work in your life, just shut up. Maybe I should write that on my forehead?

I’ll shut up now. You talk. That’s what the comment box below is for.

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