We Have No Clue

We have no clue what God can do
With the willing hands of just a few;
Of gospel fruit no man can dream,
How God can work, and Christ redeem;

A staff, a cloth, a piece of bone
Are tools of God where grace is shown
And heavenly power is manifest—
God works today, he does not rest.

He needs no miracle for his saints—
Let none impose on God constraints—
In quiet ways the Lord provides,
By means unknown he cares and guides.

The all-sufficient Word endures,
Implanted, the needy soul it cures;
By prayer God closes and opens doors,
Through men of courage, the Lion roars.

Yes, little idea we have of God
Who parted waters with a simple rod;
If such he did with an old dead stick,
What can he do with a living brick?!

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

3 thoughts on “We Have No Clue

  1. I enjoy your poems. You really bring the heart of the matter to the heart. Thanks.

    1. Joel, I answered your question earlier, but it must have gotten lost in space. Yes, with a bit of poetic license, reference to Samson.

      Brenda, thanks so much for your comment and encouragement.

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