No big to-do and other not-so-random thoughts


Why the big to-do over what happens on a cable TV channel? Because Americans are obsessed with non-reality. To most of the world—and to most saints around the world—it’s a non-issue. Wake up, people. Let’s get busy doing the real work of announcing the kingdom of God. This is reality.

• This is not the world we want for our children and grandchildren. No place on earth is the place we desire for them. We want a new heavens and a new earth, that is, a heavenly realm. “Lord, come quickly.”

• Hardly anybody talks, as they used to, about the “church militant.” Some overstudious scholars even say it’s not appropriate for this day and age. So what do we do with all that militaristic language in the New Testament?

• My take a few days ago on the denominational observance of Christmas. You probably won’t like it.

• More than an ecological disaster is in view when Isaiah prophesies against Moab: “The waters of Nimrim are used up. Grass has withered; vegetation is dead; greenery is gone” Isa 15.5 CEB. Far worse than dead trees is the judgment of God. It leaves even the “spirits trembling” of fierce soldiers, v. 4.

• Too short commentary on Pro 15 (my and The Missus’s reading in that book earlier in the week) in the Concise Bible Commentary, but it gets to the point under the heading, “Proverbs on teaching and instruction:” “The wise deal with a problem gently, lead people rightly, and will themselves listen to a rebuke. Fools only do harm when they speak and will not themselves listen to any admonition.” Author is Duane A. Garrett.

• Why put your content on a site that doesn’t belong to you? They benefit financially from it, they determine how and to whom it will be distributed (think Facebook), and the chances are very great that you will eventually lose it. At least, one ought to be able to export one’s content in an easy fashion. Use the commercial guys like Twitter and Facebook for marketing, i.e., for sharing links and other items that you host on your own sites. Let them be your product, and not the other way around.

• Early in the morning at this time of year, the sun hits the glass on the front of what I assume is the admin building of the university up on the hill, about a mile away from us. The picture below is bad, my old camera doesn’t do well in such conditions. But it will give you an idea …


This was taken from the back porch over the corner of the wall. The roofs are from houses on the next street over.

• For Christmas eve supper we went to friends’ house, where some 25-30 people in their family were present. For Christmas day supper, we invited sr. Benedito, a widower, to eat Vicki’s special meal with us: Mexican chicken, potatoes au gratin, hash-browns cassarole, rice, and layered salad. Sorry, we forgot the pic.

• At the friends’ house, it’s become the custom for me to pray before the meal, and sometimes speak a bit by invitation of the host. Before my prayer this time, I said something to this effect:

Even though the Bible says nothing about a special day like Christmas, it does affirm the truth of God coming in the flesh. Paul told Timothy, “This saying is trustworthy and deserves full acceptance: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.'” We all are sinners, and we should all seek to know how to avail ourselves of his salvation.

I hope you had an opportunity to speak about Christ in your social settings this week, and might have still as the new year approaches.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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  1. “Wake up, people. Let’s get busy doing the real work of announcing the kingdom of God. This is reality.” Amen, brother! Preach it!!

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