seek and find the lost Gospel

Jesus is the I-Am, he who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God sent him to save us from our errors. Against those who cling to their own merits and powers, however, he pronounces judgment. Few confess or follow the true Jesus. Lack of faith is epidemic. Jesus is rejected by many, even in his hometown:

And he was amazed because of their unbelief. Then he went around among the villages and taught.
Mark 6:6 NET

If you are not a Christian, Jesus comes and presents himself. At the lack of receptivity, he leaves in search of faith. But he desires to stay and lodge with you. You must welcome his message.

If you are a Christian, take note: Instead of getting discouraged and quitting, Jesus goes forward, preaches to other villages, seeks others who want to hear the Good News. And he finds them.

Does someone reject the gospel? Someone awaits who will receive it. Next!

Lord, thank you for the faithfulness of Christ, who seeks and finds. May we do likewise. Amen.

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