This AP report on Fox News puzzles me in its details, or selection of them.

Police say a 57-year-old man was driving with his chocolate Labrador just after 4 p.m. Wednesday when he fainted and crashed through a fence near Golden State Flying Club at Gillespie Field.

Why describe the Lab as chocolate? Why mention the man’s age? Are these details pertinent to the story?

Why not turn it around and refer to the man’s color or ethnicity or origin (not PC, I know) and give the dog’s age? “A light brown man was driving with his four-year-old Labrador …”

Or why not declare the man’s marital state? And why mention his gender? Or, if it were a woman, would her age have been mentioned?

And his name? Does he not have a  name? Or the dog, for that matter?

How man 57-year-old truck-driving men around San Diego, Calif., with chocolate Labs can there be?

Details seem to be aleatory in news reports, don’t you think?

What do you think?