News reports and stories

Rolled-up newspaperI just noticed that in February I wrote 28 news stories for BNc, and 23 in January.

That’s a lot of words.

Some of the stories I really enjoy, baptisms, church beginnings. Some I’d rather not write.

Some of those, of course, were stories by others which I had to revise and prepare, which often takes more time than writing it oneself.

Oops, take that back, some of those are Joe’s stories that I posted. Recount!

Still, lots of work, but with more correspondents signing on and Matt getting into the groove, that will help.

Matt posted his first story today, about CRC, of all things, in my old backyard. Even as he’s up to his elbows in the site maintenance, he got the story up.

Joe’s been quiet, but we all have our times when we can do less or more.

J. Randal Matheny

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