“The beginning of Jesus’ ministry offers good clues on how to best use the new year.” That’s the main idea of this PDF from a PowerPoint presentation I did some time back (2008). It suggests that Jesus at the beginning of his ministry is an example for us as we begin a new year and make our plans.

Taken from Mark 1, it’s titled, “The New Year with Jesus.”

You can download it by clicking here: JesusPlans

6 thoughts on “The New Year with Jesus: a powerpoint sermon from Mark 1

  1. Really liked that – the concept, and the outline. You do the drawings? Makes me realize I’ve got a ways to go on presentation. Boy, are my first few boring. 😉

  2. Hey Randal,

    My comment doesn’t really have anything to do with your post (sorry), but I may get into a conversation with many people on someone else’s blog without having anyone to help out. Incase this happens could you please stop by it from to time to maybe lend “a helping hand…or keyboard” 🙂

    The link is http://mymorningmeditations.com/2012/01/28/debating-fulfillment-theology/

    Let’s others know about if you would like. The man is not rude and actually very polite for the most part but I’m only asking this of you incase to many for me to keep up with begin to contribute.

    If you can’t, I understand.

  3. Rick, thanks. Nope, all the drawings are from the Internet.

    Eugene, today we’ll be traveling. I’ll try to peek in tomorrow. But may need a poke to remind me. Old memory full of holes, and all that.

    • Sure. Thanks. It would just help out if you can because at times there gets to be a lot comments coming in my direction and it would help to have someone who can point out the gospel truth too. Like I said about the host of the blog – he seems nice and in no way has he spoken rudley or hateful towards me…although the same can’t said about everyone. Have a great night.

  4. Eugene, I read some of your posts and challenges on the other site…keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Steve. If you have any pointers/suggestions but you do not wish to get “involved” in the conversation itself please feel free to email them to me.

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