New Year Poem

My offering in the final moments of 2008.

We Welcome You with Wide Arms
By J. Randal Matheny © 2008

We welcome you with wide arms, Neyear,
That turns by Brasilia time to us,
Through air cooled by the evening rain,
To mute the party’s midnight toast.

Our sons and daughters sailed tonight,
On the waning light of winding hours;
We hail with quiet heart your coming,
And beseech our children’s safe arrival.

So enter, Neyear, our empty house,
And cheer our souls with choicest dreams
Of Kingdom plans and cordial successes,
Of ancient odes, eternal ages.

Come, young Neyear, to us of yore,
The times have left us tired and worn;
Renew our faith, ignite our hope,
Your whited page will whet our thirst

To write of justice, righteous judgments,
And mercy’s gift to remove all sin,
To speak of heaven’s speedy promise,
To save a soul when Christ descends.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “New Year Poem

  1. “Your whited page will whet our thirst”

    Like morning light piercing lattice trees or the first word breaking the morn’s stillness, may this new “whited page” inspire the saint (with joy of the heart) to continue until His coming.

    Randal, thank you for your inspiring words which so often directs one to draw closer to the Creator. Happy New Year to you and yours…

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