New theme coming

Eddie Watkins and I (mostly Eddie) are working on a new theme for the website. (I took advantage to call the site by it’s old subtitle.) It’s a bit complicated, and for the weekend, we have a temporary filling before this tooth gets properly filled.

I’ve really enjoyed the Hemingway theme. I like simplicity. It has stood me in good stead for many months. But it didn’t allow for widgets, and there were some features I wanted to add.

So here we go a-tinkering. It’s like your wardrobe, I suppose. The wife lets you wear those worn, comfortable clothes for so long, and then she starts throwing all the good stuff out and goes out and buys you new duds.

Or like my mother, who couldn’t leave the living room couch in the same spot for more than five weeks. Gotta be a moving and re-arranging. I got infected with that bug as well.

Turning to a spiritual lesson, I suppose that could even be considered a Christian trait. Always seeking to improve, grow, make progress in the things of God. Not just rearranging the furniture or change for its own sake, but real development in virtue, wisdom and service to the Lord.

I’m not against those souls who like the same routine, eat out at the same food joint, order the same item off the menu. I’m married to one of them, and admit to satisfaction at sleeping in my own bed at night, having a place for my stuff (don’t anybody mess with it either!), and not venturing out too far into space or the unknown.

But there comes a moment for spring cleaning, shaking things up, stretching into corners that haven’t been swept in a while.

And that’s what we’re doing here. So don’t mind the mess, the occasional blank page, the photo that doesn’t fit the page any more, and the usual pieces of string, tape, boxes and furniture in various stages of assembly or disassembly.

Comes with the territory.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

What do you think?