While in the US, I found a good buy at McKay’s in Nashville for $6: an original hardback copy of New Testament survey: an introduction and survey of the New Testament by the faculty of Harding University School of Religion / editor, Don Shackelford (Searcy, AR: Resource, 1987). The 508-page book includes photos, maps, and charts, so it’s a significant work. I had not previously heard of it.

It was produced as a textbook for Harding’s NT Survey classes. I don’t know if it is still used for that purpose.

I looked through it a bit today. The approach for each book includes historical background, information on author and date, an outline of the book, and a “discussion” of the text, which appears to be a running commentary. I had hoped to find a treatment of main themes (think, biblical theology), but I suppose that would be too much to hope for in what is likely a freshman-level course.

I’d be interested in reading critiques about strengths and weaknesses of the book. Have you used it? How well did you like it?

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4 thoughts on “New Testament Survey book by Harding Univ. faculty

    • Ron, I wasn’t familiar with it either, until I came across it in the bookstore. Being from Harding U, for the price, and seeing some of the contributors, figured it was well worth it.

  1. I got it when I was entering MSOP in 1996, but I can’t remember if it was required or just something I got it. I’ve never really used it that much, except spotty use during school when doing papers on specific Bible books. I’m interested to hear others’ thoughts to see if I should be using it more myself.

    • Thanks, Chad, for chiming in. Not sure why you weren’t pre-approved to comment, since I think you’ve piped up here before. Anyway, this work seems to be fairly even in quality, in spite of multiple authors. More uneven is a NT Intro, similar in approach, but larger, published by one of the non-college lectureships. (Can’t remember which one.)

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