New people and returning

BZM weekly report on movements and transfers.

In the Taubaté church Sunday we received a young couple, Humberto and Aline, who has moved into town. He is in the military and was transferred here.

They were both baptized into Christ in Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso do Sul. We know the people who baptized them and married them, so we feel comfortable with their background.

At year’s end, we’ll learn if Humberto will transfer back to Campo Grande, to Manaus, or remain for four years in Taubaté.

In SJCampos, another military family has moved in this week (I took the phone call today), but they’re from the International Church of Christ. We’ll be talking with them about their beliefs and experiences in that group.

Earlier in the year we had a couple return to SJCampos from Sao Paulo. He came from a denomination, and his family was a part of the congregation before we moved here. In recent years he has begun to insert Pentecostal ideas into his remarks.

While in Sao Paulo, he met with a charismatic Baptist church.

The men met with him last Sunday to hear what his beliefs are. We will meet tomorrow, without him, to determine what to do.

The church in SJCampos has always been strong to follow and teach the Bible on these matters, and we expect the men to act with wisdom and charity. Prayers are always appreciated about such delicate matters, however.

J. Randal Matheny

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