New lyrics to old hymn, ‘His Way with Thee’

Let’s title this set of lyrics, “Would You Speak of Him?” Background on these lyrics is here. The original tune and lyrics from 1898 can be found here. An a cappella choral arrangement is here (all I could find).

Consider these lyrics under copyright © 2014 James Randal Matheny, all rights reserved. Now, having said that, you’re welcome to use them in congregation singing, but they may not be reproduced in print or online. For the latter, just link back to this post.


Would you put in Jesus’ hand your life and all you own?
Would you speak of Him, who sits upon the Throne?
Would you throw your net upon the earth to make Him known?
Let Him have His way with thee.

His word succeeds and void will not return,
His fire within your empty heart let burn,
His truth with power from the cross come learn,
‘Tis best for Him to have his way with thee.

Would you follow at his call and leave your worldly post?
Would you share with friends the One in whom you boast?
Would you of your time to teach the ailing make the most?
Let Him have His way with thee.


Would you spend your days and nights to seek and find the lost?
Would you give your all, content to pay the cost?
Would you face the winds and waves and on the sea be tossed?
Let Him have His way with thee.


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

9 thoughts on “New lyrics to old hymn, ‘His Way with Thee’

  1. Loved the new words. Thanks for sharing. Had a hard drive failure and have been reduced to using my wife’s laptop. Oh the shame.but it gets me back on line until I have time to install a new drive.

    1. haha Accidents do happy. Hope you had a backup. Thanks, glad you liked the lyrics.

  2. How can this be used in congregational singing if there is no printing allowed? Not all congregations have access to computerized projection.

    1. Sorry it wasn’t more clear. “In print” usually refers to periodicals or books. A congregation is welcome to use sheets to distribute to the congregation if they don’t use projectors.

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