New FHU pres

Last Friday FHU made the announcement that Oklahoman Dr. Joe Wiley will assume the presidency before June 1st. The press release had Mark Castleberry’s name attached to it, as chairman of the board of trustees. Mark was at FHU when we were, and we had lunch with his wife Lisa in Jackson, Tenn., last month, when we also meet Richard (best man) and Sharon Hill for the first time since our wedding days.

I’ve read a number of reactions to the announcement.

Some have wondered about his service in the church, since the original press release had extensive information about his education and professional history, but precious little, not even the name of a congregation, about his spiritual life and ministry. The online information adds somewhat to that.

Also, some wondered why a preacher/minister wasn’t chosen, since FHU is an institution that serves the brotherhood. Supposedly, past presidents like Dr. Gardner were instrumental in developing the university. Could be that they had to grow into the job. Maybe the board wanted somebody who, to borrow a U.S. presidential campaign slogan, could step into the job from Day One.

There is always the concern, and rightly so, about the new president’s doctrinal soundness. In this day and age, when so many are going off on tangents, one can’t be too careful. It’s what we’re facing here in Brazil as well, personally, with the youth camp, as well as other ministries.

Our experimental news site has posted a story on it, thanks to Joe May.

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