New effort uses material

Brazilian Zeal Missions newsletter: New effort uses material. Group rebounds. Next book.

NEW EFFORT USES MATERIAL. Gentil Campos left Sao Paulo, where he was an elder in the Ninth of July church, for the interior of the state, to the city of Assis. He is beginning a church there. He wrote yesterday:

“We’re meeting with some people of the city, there is no Christian here from the church. We are using many of the materials from [your devotional meditation] ‘God With Us’ in our efforts.”

We’re glad to have this feedback about how this particular Internet offering is being used. Check out the website:

It is sent by email also and has around 300 subscribers.

GROUP REBOUNDS. Last night we had three families to visit the small group Bible study in our home. After a dry period these three have basically come from nowhere to participate in our evangelistic studies.

Why does this always seem to happen before our trips to the U.S.? Perhaps to remind us that we’re needed here and to keep us from American temptations?

NEXT BOOK. Lord willing, our next book at Forthright Press will grow from a series of reflections in my UPLift list called “Choose to Shine.” Today I put number 11 out there, “Choose People.” You can read it here.

UPDATE — A brother in Colorado, I think, wrote today about the Choose material, “Just a note to thank you for your thoughts on this writing. I believe these elements are essential to evangelism and I will be using these in my Evangelism classes!”

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