After 21 years, we get a new bed

Our waterbed 10 years ago. Click to enlarge

After 21 years of sleeping on the same waterbed, we got a new bed and springs today. The waterbed sprang a leak, and rather than try to fix it, we figured it was time to retire it.

If our new bed, which was expensive, to my mind, as things like that tend to be here, lasts half as long as the waterbed, it will have served us well.

We never had to repair the waterbed during all that time. Though when we had a cat who liked to sleep on it, and under the covers, I thought it was surely going to poke a hole in it.

We also moved it twice. All the way from Belo Horizonte to SJCampos, and once inside the city when we bought another house.

In the photo, above, is the waterbed, almost 10 years ago with the quilt made by the ladies of the Baker Heights congregation.

Later I may post a photo of the new one, but we need to get a skirt for it and perhaps a new bedspread. You’ll see the same wall, same paint, which is also needing a change.

When I set up the waterbed, Vicki was pregnant with Leila and having back problems. We had bought the mattress several years earlier in the US, but it was going to be expensive to have the frame built. With her back problems, I made the bed frame her Christmas present.

J. Randal Matheny

5 thoughts on “After 21 years, we get a new bed

    1. Hi, Steve, no, it’s a regular bed with mattress and springs. Probably you couldn’t find a waterbed in Brazil if you wanted to. The waterbed heater is still working fine, I almost hate to throw it away, but who in these parts would want it?

      1. Water beds are hard to find even here! I thought maybe you were a veritable die hard :0)

        1. I had noticed that they had gone out of style in the US as well.

          In the last year or so, we were concerned about the bed, electrical currents from the heater, the hammock effect, etc., so when it sprang a leak, we took it as a sign to change.

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