More neglected than an old person in a care home

Tiradentes, the "tooth-puller," who died for freedom
Tiradentes, the “tooth-puller,” who died for freedom

Long holiday period here. First was the Catholic Good Friday for which most people got off work. Today is Tiradentes Day, honoring the martyr of independence. (They joke that all Brazilian heroes die: Ayrton Senna, Tancredo Neves.)

In spite of that, our attendance yesterday at Taubaté and Urbanova congregations held up well. Two good moments. For Bible class in the former, I’m teaching a series on the New Testament church, and yesterday’s lesson, number 13 in the series, was the first of two parts on the church’s mission, from Matthew and Mark. Next week, from Luke and John.

In Urbanova our theme was on the divinity of Christ. Our three Bible readings (yes, we do three) were from Isa 9, Pp 2, and Jn 1. I spoke about Thomas’s confession in Jn 20, “My Lord and My God.” Have you made that confession yet?

We’re going to have a five-o’clock tea today with some of our folk from the Urbanova congregation and invite some neighbors as well. A spot of tea and a bit of time to enjoy each other’s company. Have you invited anybody into your home lately?

Meanwhile, in spite of holiday spirit, I’ve a Forthright Mag editorial to write, among other tasks. Any topic requests? domain name was renewed today. Got a quote or thought to submit for that?

Big question about where is going. Maybe down the hole. Change of hands has people wondering, asking on the email group. I have a few spaces there, randal and bible among them.

Touched base last night with The Maiden and with a family who moved from Taubaté to the other side of the country. The couple is working with the older/elderly group at church. Always good to connect with family and friends.

NaPoWriMo poems are coming along, after I missed a few days. One or another got a bit of attention, others were more neglected than an old person in a care home. A hard task, getting people interested in poetry. Not a recent problem, either, from what I hear. Any ideas?

Feel free to comment below. Or not.

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  1. Well, this post at least gets the sympathy “like.” What, with the comment about old folks and neglect and such. Rippin’ my heart out!

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