David Powell told the story last Sunday, in his sermon at the North Jackson (Tenn.) congregation, about an atheist in France who left his farm and everything on it to the devil. When he died and the court executed his will, they deliberated how to best respect his wishes. They decided to let the farm go to ruin. They would let the fields lie fallow and grow up with weeds. They would leave the equipment to rust out. They would let the barns fall in. To leave the farm to the devil, they thought, was to neglect it all and leave it in disuse.

We will not neglect the house of our God.
Nehemiah 10.39 ESV

James said that he who knows to do good, but fails to it, is guilty of sin, 3.17. Hebrews warns repeatedly of “neglecting” salvation and the duties of God’s children, 2.3, 10.25, 13.2, 16.

There is that evil which works tirelessly against good. Satan will throw all he has against the forces of Christ. But often his best tool is to leave things as they are, untilled, undeveloped, gone to waste.

Leave no stone unturned in my life, O God, that I might be wholly yours, and wholly devoted to your will.

Hold this thought: Leave things as they are, let things be, / Is Satan’s will, to neglect faithlessly.

What do you think?