A brother in Christ sent me this email, after he’d invited me to teach in his congregation, and I mentioned I was headed to the States to replace fund I’d be losing by June of next year.

Say to the churches in the U.S. that in the present situation of the churches of Christ in Brazil, we need, more than ever, mature brethren who well know and handle aright the Word, and who are ready to “silence” the rebellious. And you are one of these. You and your family are very important to us. Ask them not to abandon us now! For it would appear that the trial of the church is arriving in the Northeast and is traveling south.

He had more details in his next email, but this one suffices to get his point across.

I’ve been only once to his congregation to teach, but we have had contact in several moments and events, in our efforts for the Lord.

He was once a full-time worker, but his support (from the U.S.) was suddenly yanked away because the church just wanted to do something different. It  caused him no little suffering and negative impact in his family.

So he understands on several levels my situation and, from having to confront doctrinal challenges where he is, the need in Brazil.

What do you think?