Tim Hall had told me it made it in the Gospel Advocate, but I didn’t see it until today when my copy of the February issue arrived. (We may have the Internet, but snail mail is still … snail slow.

Long ago I had sent in the review (below) to Tim’s book, “Discovering the Kingdom of God,” published 2005 by Choate now distributed by Forthright Press. Or I should say printed, since Tim paid for the job. But the GA shelved the review. Here’s why.

After quite a long delay, Tim got in touch with the GA and asked about the review. They told him they weren’t going to publish it since it was fiction and they didn’t do fiction. It appears they got the wrong impression of the book.

Tim explained that it was the evangelistic teaching method, but it was teaching the gospel. So his smooth speech got it back on the slate for publishing.

Choate printed up a number of books for their use to offer to WBS teachers at a special price. The rest, since he paid for them, came to Tim. So we (i.e., Forthright Press) are talking to Tim about being his publisher/distributor for the book. I think we may be getting something worked out mutually beneficial to both parties.

And now the review (revised):

Discovering the Kingdom of God by Tim Hall, Forthright Press, 2008, 117 pages, $6.99.

Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of heaven. The subject of the Kingdom was fundamental to his teaching. As such, it makes an excellent approach in evangelism.Joining Jesus’ emphasis with the current interest in the Kingdom, Tim Hall adds to a new generation of evangelistic tools with his five-chapter book of fiction that teaches truth. With degrees in Bible and communication, Hall uses dialogue between two couples on vacation to maintain reader interest and anchor the basic concepts.

Tim Hall, Discovering the Kingdom of God - smallThe five subjects are (1) The Kingdom in Prophecy, (2) The Authority of the King, (3) Identifying the Kingdom of God, (4) A Spiritual Kingdom, and (5) A Kingdom to Come?

While faithful to biblical truth, Hall brings a refreshing perspective. In the second chapter, he establishes Jesus’ authority, which makes demands of his subjects, such as humility, priority, obedience, love, and forgiveness. This list shows that doctrine and practice are well balanced in his approach.

The book uses the NKJV. All scripture references are quoted within the text. Questions at the end may be mailed to the author, who offers a certificate of completion.

Hall has preached for the Central church of Christ in Johnson City, Tenn., since 1983.

Discovering the Kingdom of God provides an excellent option to share the gospel with friends and contacts. It is now the basis of a video, “God’s Kingdom,” produced by World Video Bible School, and widely used in the mission field.

The book may be ordered at Forthright Press’s website. (Reviewed by J. Randal Matheny, São José dos Campos, Brazil.)

What do you think?