My part, degustation

• Opera, the browser people, bought out my email provider, I hope that doesn’t compromise the quality of the service, which has been spectacular. Expectations are good, but changes bring anxiety. Any changes, even when it’s eustress (good stress). Like getting married. Come to think of it, we can consider this fusion a marriage, can’t we?

• We’ll be rooting for Brazil to advance in the World Cup today, against the Netherlands. Again, going to house of friends, since we don’t have TV reception here at home. Vicki has a roast in the slow cooker to take there for lunch, besides potatoes and sweet-and-sour carrots. Anibal says he’s also going to cook stroganoff. Leila has the task of preparing dessert. Ana Paula will do salad and rice. My part, degustation. Gonna be a fine day, Lord willing.

• Promptly did I get out the most recent GoSpeak report yesterday. You can get the PDF file(s) here. One for print, another for online reading with hyperlinks.

• To salute America’s Independence Day, The Fellowship Room’s header sports a flag and fireworks. Nicely done, don’t you think?

• Last night, I talked to my mom and to Joel and Tansy about their move Monday to Nashville. With video. The blessing of the Internet! Who would have imagined that, watching “The Jetsons” cartoon years ago that we’d be doing the video phone!? Joel had a job interview last week, interesting possibility in which he’d make use of Portuguese and travel to Brazil. We pray it will work out and be a wonderful option for them. After her bout with kidney stones, Tansy’s pregnancy is coming along well. Eden Lynne is on schedule for this world.

• Micah and Valerie plan to move to Huntsville AL, her hometown, so it was a matter of time to see who, between the two couples, left Henderson first, they tell us. Haven’t heard if Zeus the dog is going, too, but one presumes so.
• Vicki and Leila are recovering from flu or cold or whatever ill the zigzagging temps have inflicted upon them. I’m still ticking healthy.
• Yesterday, a blessing. As Vicki and I were leaving the house, she noticed a nail in the front right tire. The tire was still full, so we drove it to the neighborhood borracharia and had the guy look at it. The short nail entered at an angle, preserving the tire’s integrity. So off we go on four good tires.
• I pray your day has four good tires, all day.
J. Randal Matheny

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