by J. Randal Matheny © 2011

Much evil in the world exists,
It’s full of drug and drink;
Of good and love the Kingdom consists,
On these I choose to think.

On every hand are lies and wrong,
Men act by hook or crook;
God’s list of mercies is great and long,
On these I love to look.

Each day the power of darkness grows,
As men fulfill their lust;
But God is great, he sees and knows,
In him I dare to trust.

Where hearts are hard and lives impure,
The name of Christ is banned;
But every promise of God is sure,
On these I take my stand.

2 thoughts on “Much evil in the world exists

  1. Love your use of: “think,” “look,” “trust,” “stand.” God’s grace provides all these, as the world provides no such stability. Great encouragement.

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