Moving up slowly

Yesterday I swam 1064 meters, increased slowly, even in spite of a large lunch with meat.

This morning we tried a new almondshake with bananas and dates. The dates were in small pieces, chewy, made me think of little chocolate pieces. Had a subtle flavor which I liked. My favorite still is bananas and papaya, absolutely smooth, naturally sweet, great flavor, seems like my body craves it.

Lunch today, day off at home, was leftovers: beets, carrots, cabbage, a corn-based salad, and cornbread, with natural grape juice.

Tonight I had a veggie sandwich from Subway, which Vicki and Leila went out and brought home.

Had to go to the dentist today, went to kids’ orthodontist, since I don’t have a regular dentist. Had a filling to break; he put a “curativo” (English word has left me) in it until I can go back Tuesday for a more permanent fix.

Read more of the feschrift, A Handbook on Leadership as Exemplified in the Life of Howard Norton. Good material in there. Especially of interest for Theology of Mission is the chapter on Kenosis.

J. Randal Matheny

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