Move or Stay?

The SJC church’s building contract expires in July. Do we renew or find another place?

We will have been at this location now for five years.

A parcel of other issues revolve around this decision as well: evangelism, full-time evangelist, a principal brother’s falling away.

The whole church met Sunday to talk about the decision.

This Sunday, Apr. 20, the men will decide what to do.

Please pray for our wisdom to make the decision that will best serve the Kingdom of God.

Building near downtown SJC

The building is located where a street and major avenue come together. Above, the building when we were looking at it to rent, from across Av. Castello Branco, which is one block down from the main square downtown. On the main square are located the central Catholic church and the inner city bus station.

J. Randal Matheny

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