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4 thoughts on “Mounce steals from Green

  1. I cannot count the number of times I have read in a commentary something which was taken verbatim from another commentator without credit being given.

    1. Sometimes it may be inadvertent. But if Mounce’s whole lexicon is taken from Green, it would seem to be appropriate to mention it. But there’s no mention on the main page of the lexicon that I could find. Maybe I missed something …

      I’ve found a few of those verbatim insertions without credit as well, in some of our highly respected brotherhood commentaries, too.

  2. If you intend to publish something you should always reference the source if you know it or at least say you don’t know or don’t remember the source. I find it sometimes inappropriate to give the exact reference in public speaking as it seems pretentious; the audience won’t recognize the source, etc. So, I just say, someone has said, or a certain reference work says, and leave it at that. I anticipate that if anyone wants to know the source I can give it to them.

    1. Yeah, some sort of acknowledgement is needed. And writing and speaking seem to be different animals. I’m with you there.

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