This May, 2005, poem still says it as I want it said. Thanks, Mom, I love you.

My Mother

by J. Randal Matheny

My mother gave me more than life and breath,
She gave me faith in God and glee of a child,
And taught me greater joys come after death,
That hope must never flag, that love stockpiled
Does no one good, nor curious eyes gone wild.

My mother gave me more than life alone:
She instilled respect, required that I obey,
She taught me to know myself as I am known,
To spurn tomorrow’s cares, to live for the day,
To do an honest day’s work, take time for play.

My mother did more for me than give me birth,
Bequeathing soberness among the toys,
A sense of godly love and human worth,
A blessing on my head, a quiet poise
and peace amidst the world’s confusing noise.

My mother gave me more than I can tell.
Dear Mom, above all mothers you excel.

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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Poem: My Mother

  1. My Mother
    Thank you for the sonshine you bring into the hearts of your readers. Your poem is beautiful and and a reminder, especially for those who have not lost their parents, that life is fleeting, to be enjoyed in the moment. Thanks for sharing so willingly from your heart. God bless you this Mother’s Day and all days.

  2. Jo Ann and Richard, thanks for your kind comments. May the Lord bless our mothers richly and us as we seek the best of what they taught us.

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