Most Baptists think we miss the boat

Southern Baptist preachers responded to a survey about who they would rebaptize from other churches.

There was this statistic:

If the prospective new member had been immersed after conversion in a church that believes baptism is required for salvation, 13 percent of Southern Baptist pastors said they would not require baptism.

The research director expressed surprise:

“Finally, and I am guessing most surprising, one-eighth indicate their church would accept a baptism from churches that believe baptism is required for salvation, possibly including such churches as a Church of Christ,” he said.

So most Baptist preachers think NT Christians don’t understand the gospel. Eighty-seven percent of them would say we have a works-based religion, most likely.

The disagreement with them and their denomination is mutual. I would, however, hope the percentage would be higher among our preachers and brethren of not accepting Baptists without requiring them to submit to Biblical baptism which looks forward to receiving in the act the forgiveness of sins (Acts 22:16).

J. Randal Matheny

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  1. Brother Matheny, thank you for your good comments and website, appreciate your labor in this effort very much. With your permission, I would like to use this comment about the Baptist, and how they view Bible baptism, on our local live call-in radio program. We have dealt with this issue for many years, and will probably continue to do so till the Lord comes. But it might be fruitful to make mention of their view on our radio program. You can go to our website to view all the programs, which is:
    You can also send us an email if you like,
    Thank you! And may you have a most blessed day!
    Yours in Christ,
    Milton Mathers

  2. Milton, feel free to use the comment, and God bless your every effort for his kingdom. (I’ve replied also by email.)

  3. Hi Randal
    Scott here

    I wonder if some that discussion has to do with the SBC’s recent discussions among themselves over having a largley, if not mostly “un-regenerate membership” [Their term, dealing w/ their own understanding of regeneration.]

    Check out some SBC webstites on ‘un-regenerate membership” for examples.

    Scott P, Wiley

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