Morning wakens the wonder of life, the goodness of God



The fresh air of the early morning, the movement of the birds, the clarity of the sky, the sharpness of the colors, are not to be missed. But most people are behind closed windows and drawn curtains.

I’m watching the breeze stir the branches in the wood, animate the hanging plant just outside the open back door. That same breeze enters my space to vibrate the hairs on my bare leg and chill my feet. The forecast says it will reach 72º today, with rain, but my predictor thinks 85º is about right, looking at the lively blue sky.

The quiet rests the soul. In the distance a soccer fan lets off left-over fireworks. A squawk, a chirp, a tweet betray the presence of flitting wings feeding still on the morning menu.

The gentleness of the morning wakens my senses, not only to the wonder of life, but to the goodness of God, and beckons me to the grace of the gospel contained in the Word. Very much a Psalm 19 experience!

J. Randal Matheny

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