* Listen to a fine rendition of the hymn “In the Morning of Joy” and the newer “Dare to Stand Like Joshua.”

* Bad news on the laptop: lots wrong with it, technician thinks best to get another one. Taking it to US for definitive diagnosis at Apple. That means more time without it.

* More bad news, this time the car: needs new clutch and possibly wheel bearings. Think hundreds.

* Ticket in hand for bus from SJCampos to airport on Sunday. One of the better deals of life.

* Banks give preference to people with babies in arms, among others. So how did a couple with a 4-year-old move to the front of the line?

* After they went to the teller window, the wife promptly left with the tyke and sat in a chair.

* I have some grey hair. Can I pass for 60 and jump the line, too?

* Our US cell phone while galavanting around the states: 615-268-5453. In The Missus’s hands at the moment.

* I’ve kept a stiff upper lip for two weeks since The Missus went to the US with The Maiden and I stayed by my lonesome. Can I cry now?

* Monday, the reunion, Lord willing.


2 thoughts on “Morning of joy, Thursday minis

  1. Happy reunion, I pray. And…bahaha on the bank. Sorry, that just made me laugh. And, you don’t have one of those crazy mountainside, one-lane, 2,000 ft. drop, bus treks to get to the airport, do you?

    • Thanks! What we have is a wide, multi-lane Interstate, the busiest in the country, on which you hope no accidents shut it down for an hour or two.

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