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Brazilian Zeal Missions report — More Internet guests. Jesus as Lord. Growing in service. Missions speech and manuscript.

MORE INTERNET GUESTS. A family moved from the Sao Paulo area two months ago to Taubate. They are a religious family, but were not content with the options they’d found so far. The wife found our Portuguese website, the husband called for information on Friday and the family visited us yesterday.

They just happen to live on the same street as Claudete, our sister in Christ.

We hope we can offer them a church home and, more importantly, guide them in the way of the Lord.

Last week, we received a visit from two young ladies in SJCampos, from their Internet research.

These and previous visits have emphasized the importance of a presence on the Internet that can be found by surfers and used to bring them to our meetings.

JESUS AS LORD. Yesterday I concluded my seven-week sermon series at Taubate on Jesus as Lord in 1 Corinthians 1. The word “Lord” appears in the letter 66 times, eight times in seven verses of the first chapter.

In April, several Psalms will serve as sermon texts, until our trip to the U.S. later this month.

GROWING IN SERVICE. For the first time yesterday Haroldo directed the offering at Taubate. With two families traveling, I caught him on the spur of the moment. Still, he read a passage and prayed before the congregation before passing the collection bag around.

A few weeks earlier, Haroldo had asked me for the book we publish, Communion and Offering, which teaches how to participate and lead in the Lord’s supper and the collection.

It’s customary in Brazil to offer a meditation of 5-10 minutes before both the communion and collection.

Through our column, “Communion Meditations,” we seek to encourage that practice everywhere.

MISSIONS SPEECH AND MANUSCRIPT. For the third time in a row, I’ve been invited to speak at the Missionary Retreat in Hamilton, Ala., sponsored by the World Evangelism School of Missions, Winona, Miss., and the Double Springs, Ala., church.

My assigned topic is “Model of Success for Brazil Work.”

Last week I delivered my manuscript for the book that will be printed for the event.

Vicki and Leila plan to attend with me, on this their first opportunity for the retreat.

Come be with us for this moment. The cost is only $10 a night, including meals. See retreat information here (Missionary Retreat PDF file).

See the GoSpeak site for more reports.

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