Monthly and yearly reports

I got in a whirl today getting out the reports. And a new format.

My new “letterhead” uses the Caramella font designed by Brazilian Romulo Castilho. The graphic of branching leaves represents the several branches of our ministry, as well as the bearing of the righteous’ spiritual fruit (see Psa. 1.2-3).

The dark green of the header and footer reflects the green in the Brazilian national colors (with yellow and blue). Text font is Oranda for its sturdiness. I’m using the ISO 8601 format for dates, since Brazil and the U.S. use different and possibly confusing formats. Decided on flush left margins, non-aligned at the right.

Until I can get my signature scanned, the “Rage Italic” font is probably the closest approximation.

The 2008 short (one-page) overview is here in pdf format: report2008overview.pdf. If you want to compare it with the two-page overview I did last month for my sponsoring church, it’s here: report2008.pdf

For the December report click here: report2008dec.pdf

J. Randal Matheny

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  1. They all looked good to me. Man, you need a secretary! And I don’t mean Vicki with note pad..ha.

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