Mistakes and Successes of the Brazilian Church

Outside of a few spots, most churches in Brazil are spread out, distant from each other. For many years we were the only congregation in our region of the Paraiba Valley.

One of the closer churches was the Pimentas congregation, in the city/county of Guarulhos, on the eastern edge of São Paulo’s metropolitan area. It was formed as an outreach of the congregation closer to the center of Guarulhos, where missionary David Meadows, now deceased, and his family worked. The Pimentas church is 50-60 minutes by car from us.

Because of that proximity and because of his involvement in publishing the Guarulhos’s church bulletin, I developed a friendship with Valdir Silva, a leading brother in the Pimentas church. Even after the beginning of the church in the Pimentas neighborhood, Valdir continued to publish the 16-page monthly Guarulhos bulletin, for both congregations.

Some months ago, the Pimentas church came en masse on a special Visitor’s Day at the SJC congregation, to share the day and lunch with us.

Then came from Valdir the invitation to write a column in his bulletin every two months on sound doctrine.

My first assignment, which dove-tailed with the 20-year anniversary of the bulletin, was to write about the errors, successes and challenges of the Brazilian church over the last 20 years. Not a topic I would have chosen, especially for such a limited space, but I accepted the challenge. The translated text is on the BNc site.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes and Successes of the Brazilian Church

  1. Bro. Matheny maybe our brethren in the US should look at this report closely and make personal evangelism more personal for today. In most local congregation the preacher is the main one to do evangelism. One of my dear brothers was ordered by the elders … “you knock every door in this town”; but with no help or support. He did so and gained converts; but then they were not intergated into the congregation. So goes some evangelism. Dave

  2. Dave, thanks for the comment. Sad when something like you cited occurs. May God open our eyes.

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