Missions just keeps getting easier

Instead of long-term commitments, it was short campaigns. Now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your chair.

Using the Internet as an evangelistic tool is certainly not a new idea. But the name of this effort grates on my nerves:

The Online Missions Trip is a two week outreach campaign for teenagers and youth leaders to capitalize on the tremendous social opportunities that exist on the Internet and use it to share Christ with unsaved friends all over the world!

This appears to be an evangelical effort.

If it keeps getting much easier, you’ll be able to do it in your sleep. Painless.

It’s not so much the approach (of course, I’d have a problem with their doctrine), but the idea of the thing. Pitched as a free missions trip.

Am I just in a grumpy mood this morning, or what?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

3 thoughts on “Missions just keeps getting easier

  1. “…grumpy mood..or what” — probably a little of both. However, I think I see what your getting at. Missionary trip over the internet? I don’t think so. Was it not a great king so said “neither will I offer…that which cost me nothing”. My feeling is that we cannot do something for God if it is ‘free’. Maybe not financially wise, but service to God without a price seems to be lacking something.

  2. Hey, Steve. That’s a good reference. Seems like people think the kingdom of God can be brought to others by a nod and and wink. A two-week Internet binge, then it’s done. When the Lord calls for a life of sacrifice. And we wonder why the church doesn’t grow.

  3. I am just a simple man but shouldn’t youth already be doing that? We should be capitalizing on every social opportunity. I share in your concern that we have turned what should be habit into a special “outreach campaign”.

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