2008 May Missionary Retreat Resources

I’ve mentioned these elsewhere, but am bringing them together here by themselves for easier access.

The 2nd May Missionary Retreat, sponsored by J.C. and Betty Choate’s World Evangelism Foundation and the Double Springs, Ala., church, was held at Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton, Ala. Theme was “Effective Missions.”

Wayne and Janet Barrier organized the event, and emcee was Dennis Larson.

  • Some of the speeches recorded by Will White are available now on Google Video.
  • Pictures taken by Brenda Brooks are available here.
  • The pdf of the retreat booklet, assembled by Louis Rushmore, with outlines and manuscripts of the event, can be downloaded by clicking here.

If the retreat participants have any pictures or other resources they’d like to mention, please include the link in comments below. Or you can send them to me and I’ll post them in an appropriate place and link to them in the above list.

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