Millions of Bibles, yet another sign

The Maiden started school this week, her last year at the books. She also got all her documents in hand, after 2 1/2 hours at the government desk, as she looks for a job teaching English at language schools.

• The Missus and The Maiden should pick back up on personal Bible studies with Amanda today and start one next week with Conceição, from the beauty shop. Pray these make right decisions. On Tuesday the Missus started studying the Bible in English with Fernanda, baptized last year. They’re trying to kill two birds with one stone.

• The Quick Bible Truths account on Twitter passed the 930 mark for followers (as this mini-blog site calls subscribers), so that provokes thought about getting to 1000. Are you following? What I said about it earlier still goes.

• Now, some geek talk about QBT (non-geeks, please skip to next paragraph): I’ve been using HootSuite to publish QBT simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress. Am now experimenting with WordPress to push to the others; and that through email. The downside is that Twitter only picks up the subject line, with a link to the WP page. Anybody know if I can insert the text into the tweet as well?

• The Brazilian Bible Society, an evangelical organization for translating, printing, and distributing Scripture, will print its 100 millionth copy of the Bible, or some portion thereof, in 2011. Besides the BBS, other national publishers and societies also exist to provide Bible versions in Portuguese. The only translation I’m aware of in Portuguese by brethren is the equivalent to the Easy-to-Read Version.

• A quote, from Arnold E. Airhart’s commentary on 1 Thes. in the old Beacon series:

We must not think that pleasing men and pleasing God are opposites in the sense that we welcome men’s disapproval as evidence of God’s approval. Indeed, to win men to Christ usually requires that we ourselves shall be winsome in our approach. But just here is the subtlety of the temptation to be “menpleasers.” How necessary that we be always open to Him who trieth our hearts! Paul was much concerned to keep a good conscience (cf. Acts 24:16). 9: 452.

• It’s slow in coming, with a hundred distractions to pull me away, but I’m working on a post called, “Time to Ditch the KJV.” This year is the 400th anniversary of the version. Past time to lay it and a spinoff or two aside for better translations. Wanna hit me now or later?

• Finally, this: The World Mission Workshop, rotating among Christian colleges each October, has associated itself with the triennial Global Missions Conference, which partners with liberal and Christian Church ministries. Even though some supposedly conservative folk support the GMC, its direction seems decidedly progressive. We take it as yet another sign of the tendency in the church to embrace progressive doctrine and a more ecumenical stance in the religious world.

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2 thoughts on “Millions of Bibles, yet another sign

  1. Can we have a hit… er hint of which other translations? I have to admit that I still cling to the New American Standard as my go-to version.

    1. I’d put in the group the ASV and the NKJV, the former because of its age, the latter because of its inferior textual base. NASV is updated, 1995, I think it is, and has a good textual base, though the English can be a bit challenging.

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