Usually, I don’t remember article ideas or lines in poetry that come to me during the night. If I don’t get up right then and jot them down, they’re gone forever. A few nights ago, I stayed in bed when an idea appeared. Happily, the next morning I recalled the first line and rhyme of a new poem. But does it shine as brightly in the light of day as it seemed to in the middle of the night?

• A new Christian Hub pointer gets close to home, as a missions committee member visits a new team on the field, here in Brazil. Doubly so, since all my children are a part of the Tennessee congregation from which the brother came. We have no direct connection with them, however.

• Near the end of October, we’ll also be getting an all-too-short visit from three brothers on their way to, and back from, Peru. Jeremy Barrier will be coming as a representative from the Madison AL church, with one other brother from there. The third, as I understand, is a friend of Jeremy’s.

• I’ve written before about the encouragement such visits bring. Their worth is immeasurable, valuable as well for the supporting or overseeing church.

• Several readers of my article in the Sept. Gospel Advocate have written kind emails in the past couple of weeks. A writer always appreciates feedback. Some actually live for it. Not me, of course. Not me. I wouldn’t do such a thing. No siree. …

• I’ve officially returned to my office. No regular hours to post, but I’m back. Any good folk out there who can dispense with piles of paper, throw out junk, and not sniffle? I’m a borderline hoarder.

• Got a good definition and perspective on so-called Christian mysticism? I’m doing some study in this area. I’m agin it, of course. Like postmodernism, it’s a belief system hard to get hold of. Still, the dangers from it are great, and it’s making inroads into the brotherhood. Like so many other false teachings.

What do you think?