Michael and Susan Landon

Sunday night Michael and Susan Landon arrived for a visit.

Mike and I go back to the late 70s when we were college students, he at OC and I at FHU. At our respective colleges, he was student leader for the World Missions Workshop in 1977, and I in 1978.

Pro-active as always, Mike had me stay in his dorm room in ’77 so we could have a bit of time together and he could pass on some wisdom to me about organizing the event. I reciprocated the next year — by having him stay with me, not by providing him any wisdom.

He and Susan invited us to go to Brazil together, but we’d already formed our mission team to Belo Horizonte, and they were headed to São Paulo. They came to Brazil in 1982, we in 1984. We had opportunity to be together at different times over the years, such as the first meetings for the establishment of what would become the Seminário Bíblico Nacional.

When they returned to the US in 1990, we visited them a number of times in Texas. Two years ago they brought a small group to work for several days in SJC.

So we were excited when they mentioned visiting us for a couple of days as they headed back to the US, after teaching in São Paulo and Campo Grande MS.

They arrived by bus Sunday night after visiting the weekend in the capital. They left early this morning at 5 a.m., to catch their day flight to NY.

So we had two good days of catching up with each other. I took off from work to spend with them. No schedule other than visiting, sleep and meals. Lots of chatting.

We’re grateful for their friendship and for their work in the Kingdom. Just wish they were closer.

J. Randal Matheny

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