Merry Christmas to you! And a poem.

This little gem was sent to my Cloudburst poetry list back in 2008. Nobody saw it outside that now defunct list. (Here’s the post I wrote on the occasion.) So I thought I’d revive it, since it applies even more, now that we have some grandkids near us to share the holiday with. What doesn’t apply is the mention of cold. All the windows are open here, and the fans at high speed.

May your day be blessed today.


Though schools have spurned the Christmas cheer,
And halls of state have banned the word,
At home our Santa will appear,
With friends a “Merry Christmas” is heard.

While Scrooges frown upon our feast,
And killjoys snub the holiday,
We’ll not be bothered in the least
To ride the reindeer’s jolly sleigh.

The tree is trimmed with balls and lights,
With gifts in sparkling paper and bows,
The warming fire on snowy nights
Protects from the cold that reddens Nick’s nose.

The family gathered, children’s joy,
The ho-ho-ho of Santa’s shout,
The gift of love, the infant’s toy:
This is what Christmas is all about.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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