We’ll make it short today. Tonight we go about 20 minutes from home, still in SJCampos, to Paulo and Socorro’s for the Christmas Eve Supper. That’s the Catholic tradition here, and some non-Catholics do it as well, though without the religious trappings. Is that OK, you think?

Yesterday, I promised a poem of mine. Original, unpublished, still got the shine on it. Here: “God Is More.” Whatcha think?

God is more,
His hands fulfill,
His presence satisfies;
His power and will
Win the war.

The Missus thought my leg was getting infected, after Tuesday’s tumble. A big red (not dark, but very light) spot showed up on the side of my leg. I told her it was where that part hit the sidewalk. Today it looks better. She’s a good nurse. Little by little, every day, …

Somebody, somewhere, scratched a “V” into our hood. Some kids or even grownups do it for spite, I guess.

Wednesday night, in our home Bible reading group, we had a short reading, a solution to the season’s commercialism. (Problem here, too, these days.) Colossians 3:16-18 mentions giving thanks three times in as many verses.

This morning I wrote another 1200 words for the commentaries on 1 Thessalonians. We talk about suffering and emotions, among other things. Check it out as you enjoy this affectionate season.

Merry Christmas Eve!

What do you think?