Merry Christmas, 2008

To friends and family, our Christmas blessing.

Merry Christmas, 2008

by J. Randal Matheny

With children near, this morn the tree stands bare,
The opened gifts lie scattered ’round the room;
Of socks and shirts and books we have our share,
Of gleaming tools and games and sweet perfume.

One gift surpassed them all, a simple ring;
To us a future daughter-in-law was given;
No finer prize could any Santa bring,
We once were five, today we stand at seven.

Still to come, a meal worthy of kings,
And days before the silence settles in;
For now, the house with happy laughter sings,
And we give thanks for you, our friends and kin.

Afar, for you we pray that God may bless
Your steps with grace and bathe your face with light;
May Christmas bring you love and happiness,
As faith would guide us to the Day of sight.


I also wrote a short piece, with a shorter poem, on the Forthright site today.

J. Randal Matheny

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