McCain Warms to Brazil, Latin America

“… we will broaden and strengthen ties with key states like Brazil, Peru, and Chile,” said Sen. John McCain on Tuesday.

Declaring in Miami, Fla., on Cuban Independence Day, that “Cuba is destined to be free,” the presumptive Republican candidate touched on his vision for Latin America in an obvious sop to the Cuban and Hispanic populations in that state. An IBD editorial rejoiced that “McCain Gets It on Latin America.”

The Brazilian Folha de São Paulo, in its coverage of the speech, didn’t bother to mention that McCain had promised closer ties with Brazil. The Estado de São Paulo reproduced the Folha story and a Reuters feed, as did O Globo. In the latter paper, only in the last paragraph of a France Press story did McCain’s comment appear about stronger ties with Brazil, and with a less-than-optimal translation. Most of the stories highlighted McCain’s criticism of Obama.

The Brazilian media also is run by mostly leftist editors and reporters, and international stories come from liberal French, British and American sources.

McCain’s words certainly should echo better in Brazil than Obama’s promise to negotiate with Brazil in particular to keep it from consuming so much energy and enlarging its carbon footprint.

J. Randal Matheny

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