BZM: Marriage and Driving

A Brazilian Zeal Missions report on travel, marriage seminar, drivers license and preaching.

This weekend our family will travel to Belo Horizonte. I’ll be speaking at a marriage seminar. Vicki and I will speak also in separate classes to women and men.

The seminar is hosted by the Contagem church, a solid congregation of hard-working saints.

The trip is eight to nine hours by car. Pray for our safe trip there and back.

Both my sister Rita and brother Kevin are home from their stay-overs at the hospital. Thanks for the prayers on their behalf.

We’re still waiting on Vicki’s drivers license to arrive from Sao Paulo. Pray it will arrive soon, so her hubby doesn’t have to drive her around everywhere.

I’m back to preaching this month in the SJCampos church and continue sharing the word in Taubate. In the former, on Sunday, I preached from John 17:1-5 on “Quality of Life,” a popular phrase in Brazil.

In the Taubate congregation, I encouraged listeners to remain true to the form of teaching given to us in Scripture, considering the challenges to our faith. One challenge I cited was the appearance of Max Lucado this month in Brazil to promote his latest book of evangelical doctrine. He has had considerable influence among the churches here.

This is vacation month in Brazil for many, but our attendance was good both in SJCampos and Taubate, with 24 and 13 souls present.

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J. Randal Matheny

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