Not the historic theological leap of faith, but the leap from flesh to spirit.

The Cloudburst poem today sent by email is based on a phrase in Mary Walker’s poem, “I Would Like to Be a Missionary.” She wrote, “Doing more great deeds than time could ever reveal.” It got shortened in my seven-line poem, but earned the highlighted middle line: ”  More than time could ever reveal.”

The poem was on a card in a goody bag given us at the missionary retreat in Hamilton, Ala., by Lucas, Elijah and Meg Posey, young people from, I think, the Double Springs, Ala., church.

The rhyme scheme is a modified chiastic structure: ABABCBC.

The challenges us to replace the attention we give earthly things with spiritual, temporal with eternal.

One thought on “Make the Leap

  1. I love it!! Short!! Sweet!! Smart!! It allows for broad use of these words of wisdom whether yours or those of others. I call them ‘ditties’…meant as a compliment… I have no idea where my imagination came up with it… Be Blessed!!

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