I laughed at this one, sorry.

Comes from a real estate site, for what it’s worth:

I have written a few posts about the church that we are helping to plant in Georgetown, Texas (20-30 minutes north of Austin).  A couple of weeks ago, the pastor (Whit Anderson) decided to change the name of the church from ChristChurch PCA to Christ Presbyterian Church.  This came as the result of a couple of factors:

  • I had discussed the idea with a couple of friends of mine, one of whom approached Whit with this.
  • Whit was accidentally introduced as the pastor of the “Church of Christ” in Georgetown at an official function

Frankly, the second bullet point above was exactly why we were a little concerned about the original name.  A new church has enough challenges without being mistaken for another denomination.

Well, you sure don’t want to be mistaken for the Lord’s church, that’s for sure, so stick that denominational name right in there so people will know who you are.

But somebody needs to teach the poster about the true nature of the church, that there were no denominations in the NT, must not be today, and names are divisive. If he knows the meaning of “salvific,” he ought to be able to get that.

3 thoughts on “Make it plain whose you are

  1. Randal,

    That’s funny! When a man starts his own, I guess he has to give it a unique name, so as not to get confused with the real thing. 😉

    Good find.


  2. That reminds me of the story about a denomination seeking donations, from businesses in town, to its building fund. It is said that one businessman said, “I’ll donate….if you put ‘This is a church of Christ’ on the front.”

    Anyway, we have the opposite problem in my country: there’s a denomination called “Churches of Christ”, so if a Lord’s church puts that on its sign, they’re mistaken for a denomination!

  3. You in the Philippines, Brett? Seems they have that problem there, from what I hear. We have a couple of groups here with similar names.

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