Make 2009 the year of prayer

I can’t say it’s a directly inspired thought, but certainly the Lord would be pleased with the idea.

Why not make 2009 the year of prayer, giving a greater emphasis and dedication to it,  in your life, family and congregation?

Some starting suggestions:

  1. Don’t use public prayer time in the church’s meetings for those men least able to lead or for those who make the least preparation. Put the very best men, in spiritual and ministerial terms, to pray before the congregation.
  2. In the church’s meetings, designate certain prayers as to what they should include: a prayer of thanksgiving, of intercession, of confession, etc. Focus the prayers for greater effectiveness.
  3. Include prayers — not merely prayer requests — in your church bulletin.
  4. Renew your church bulletin prayer list weekly, rather than just rolling over most requests from the previous week. Start clean every week.
  5. Share with us here your daily prayer, prayer thought, prayer Scripture.
  6. Collect and organize prayers in brotherhood literature for your personal edification and for use in the church bulletin or in other settings.
  7. Read the Bible through in 2009 with a special emphasis on noting prayers and passages about prayer.
  8. Speak, teach, preach, write more about prayer during the year. Do special sermon series, Bible class series, gospel meetings, seminars or other teaching sessions on prayer.

Please share your suggestions and ideas in the comments section.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

What do you think?