Imagine you as a newborn asking your parents, “What must I do in order for you to love me?” That’s absurd, isn’t it?

We love because he loved us first.
1 John 4.19 NET

God loves us, not because we performed some feat to win his love, but because he is love.

There is, yes, that parent who does not love his child or who requires something of his child in order to extend to him his so-called love, but God offers us a pure and true love.

Because of his love, he offers us, freely, a means by which we may return to him. Salvation is not unconditional, but the offer is made to all equally. For the God who is love, says John, is also light (purity, holiness, and glory).

Without God, we would not know what love is. With him, we are able to learn and demonstrate the same love that he shares with us in Christ. That’s marvelous, isn’t it?


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